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Contest: Imagination Wanted!

If you haven’t been paying attention to my twitter account @79stanger (I am judging you right now). I have been posting a lot lately about a story I am writing.

Haven’t read the story? Download Here

This story is about a special little paperclip that wants to capture your heart, and just maybe your imagination while he is at it. In case he hasn’t done that yet. Here is your chance to not only use your imagination, but to become part of the story in a big way.

We are all eager to know what Gilbert and his friends look like. This is where you come in. Send me drawings of how you picture Gilbert in your mind when you read.

1st place: a t-shirt with the winning drawing on it.

2nd place: stickers with the characters on them.

3rd place: a tiny paperclip with a little note to the winner.

Now of course, the first two will have to wait until the winner is chosen.

The contest will run until August 22, and I will take submissions from twitter: @79stanger or @TinyPaperclip.

Drawing, painting, or even digital renderings are all acceptable. So quit reading and get creative already!