A letter to my friend’s unborn spawn

This is a letter written by a good friend of mine. He is a soon to be father, and this is what he wants to say to the child at some point in the future. Made me laugh so I have to share with the world πŸ˜€

By crowingcobra
My wife asked me to write a letter to our yet t be born little girl, so here goes:
Dearest little M,
I borrowed Santa’s X-ray goggles (yes, he’s real!) the other day to try to get a look at you. All the ladies at the doctor’s office have been saying how unbearably cute you are.
I was shocked to find that you are not a human child at all but some sort of pink, hairless, alien-ferret hybrid! As a result, I believe a talk with your mommy is in order. No worries though, You are kinda cute and daddy still loves you.
So no matter what insanely-powerful mutant form you take on, always remember that daddy will protect you from the angry mobs(as if you’ll need me to), and that he loves you very much.
Your Dad
P.S. I don’t know exactly how to send this to you, so I’ll just hold on to it for you, ok?


My future with BlackBerry

Many times I have questioned whether my choice to go with a BlackBerry product was a good one or not. Every time though I always come back with a resounding YES! Why am I so in love with a seemingly inferiror product (when compared with competitors). Why would I choose to support a company who doesn’t seem to “get” the consumer market?

Well to be honest, at first the love affair was started because I wanted a smartphone wiht a portrait keyboard. Sure there were others out at the time such as the Droid Pro from VZW. That phone even had the then new Google operating system android. Something just didn’t “feel” right about android at the time, so i waited. Then one day I was over at a friend’s place, her brother had just purchased the Bold 9700. I asked if i could check it out since I was already in the market. I don’t know what it was, but as soon as I held that phone I was in love. I HAD to have one! It had everything I wanted. good looks, a portait keyboard, and a place to download apps from.

Now fast forward a year and a half later. I am now on my second BlackBerry. This 9900 blows everything the 9700 did out of the water! Everything from the FANTASTIC keyboard to the new touchscreen. At the time of this writing though, the creator of my beloved phone is in a lot of hot water with the press and the consumer market.

With so much facing them RIM has finally decided to take a leap into the future with their QNX platform BB 10. After my little side ventures with iPhone and android. RIM needs to work on qutie a few things to make the new devices relevant to the average customer. First performance is key, the average customer does not care about security (until after something everything NOW! BB 10 also need the big name apps, not talking games here. Things like netflix will definitely bring in the customers.

Attention to detail is something I feel has been lacking until recently. Anodroid still struggles with this as there are so many manufacturers, and little to no guidelines as to what can and cannot be done with the software. Apple and RIM both control software and hardware development. So quality is much better across the board.

The biggest thing I want to see from RIM with the BB 10 launch is for them to believe in what they are selling. They do have great products, but lack the marketing to make everyone want them. When I watch an iPhone it shows that they believe that their product is better than everything else out there. After watching a commercial from Verizon Wireless I really have the urge to rush out and grab whatever Droid they are showing off. When I watch the newest commercials for the latest OS 7 devices I think “wow, this one part of the commercial is really cool”.

I understand times are hard, and the market is competitive. But come on, a company who started the smartphone craze should damn well know what their customers are looking for in a phone by now. Quit promising and not deliver! Deliver without promising. Show up to the party with a Ferrari instead of saying you have a Ferrari and show up in a Fiesta. Do what you love RIM as your motto suggests. let your emploees branch out and explore those weird corners of their minds. Great things can happens with a little freedom.

So for now my future with BlackBerry is resound. I have tried them all, and nothing else speaks to me. If this next phone launch doesn’t go well then the BlackBerry market will probably disappear from the U.S. completely. Fingers crossed, here is to 2012 being the best year ever!

New Adventures

Things have been pretty crazy lately for me. I have been asked to write for a couple of different blogs. www.sliceofthe.netΒ and www.opensourcebb.com (both are great, check them out). With these new opprotunities I have decided to branch out beyond just the Blackberry box that I have put myself into.

Since this title is New Adventures then I suppose I should let you in on the journey that I am about to embark on. I have purchased a VZW Droid 3 world phone and I am looking into finding myself an iOS device. All of this in an attempt to expand what I “know” about these other platforms that I have thus far chosen to ignore.

My Bold 9700 was my first venture into the smartphone world. There have been many ups and downs along the way (some due to my ignorance and some not). There is also something to be said for this community that has evolved around a seemingly business device. I am told all the time that I “need” to make the switch to whatever platform my friend has taken a shine to for the moment.

Unlike my friends though I came into this platform when it was not popular, and yet I have managed to fall in love with it all the same. There is constant bashing of how RIM (the maker’s of Blackberry) from the media. They don’t like this feature, or think that this other feature needs to be added to make the Blackberry brand more competitive.

All of that aside I intend to find out why everyone says the grass is greener on their side of the fence. Honestly none of what I have seen from any of the platforms has been bad. The platforms all have their customer base, and all have their good devices, as well as bad. So in the near future keep a look out on that “via” tag on twitter, it just may surprise you!

The future of mobile technology

Today while at work, I had this revealation of sorts. I thought to myself “Why can’t you go from one mobile platform to another, without having to open up another program or app?”

Now what I mean is this: You can pause a television program in one room of your house and resume it in another. Same with netflix. Now why can’t this same philosophy be carried over into the PC and mobile device community? I understand that this may not be entirely possible at this point. With the current and the near future state of the smartphone tablet world, I don’t see this as an entirely out of the realm possibility.

RIM will soon have QNX within the tablet and smartphone markets sometime next year. iOS is already running the same OS on the different platforms. With android things become slightly more fragmented with so many different versions being operated at the same time. One way to solve this is to skip the carriers completely for their updates. OTA updates could solve part of the problem for sure for both RIM and Google.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go from say your smartphone of choice, to the tablet of the same OS and be able to continue with what you were doing without there being that lag for everything to load? Well I have to get back to work here in a few minutes. Do you think that this is completely out there, or do you agree? Inquiring minds would like to know. Feel free to comment and let me know. πŸ™‚

Initial impression: Motorola S10 HD bluetooth headphones

I just purchased the Motorola S10 HD headphones. This honestly was a first for me, not the buying of new electronics, but that I actually waited to get home to open my latest toy. The norm for me is to buy the said item, walk out to the car and immeadiately open the package. This time around I bought the headphones and calmly walked to the car and drove (for the most part) the suggested speed limit.

So anyway back to the reason we are hear; these headphones! I got home and opened the package which has the charger, the instruction booklet, three different sizes for the ear buds, and of course the headphones. I put the headphones for a few minutes to get a little bit of a charge in it before I played.

First thing I did was after connecting to my phone was test the range. I must say I am very impressed with how far away you can get away from your connected device before cutting out, 40-50 feet easy. The sound quality is quite good, so far there has only been a few glitches, but I attest that to the bluetooth connection. Also this particular unit allows you to recieve calls. The call quality isn’t the best that I have heard, but they are headphones not a dedicated headset for calling. My Dad (who I used to test this with) was very surprised that I was using a bluetooth device to talk with. He said that I was very clear on his end, and that is with poor signal (edge network where I live).

The controls are very cleverly placed, almost undetectable if you didn’t know they were there. The fit on my head is nice, if not just a little too snug. I haven’t had a chance to try any of the other size ear buds as of yet. Overall these are very well made and well designed (my blog, my opinion). So if you are in the market for a nice bluetooth headphone, then I highly reccomend these.

A little catch up

Well it has been a little bit. I have been a busy guy though. I recently started back at the gym, and that is going really well. I am already noticing the changes in my muscles. Also here in the next couple of weeks if all goes according to plan I will be the proud owner of an 03 Honda Shadow. About time to clock back in a get back to work, hope all is well with everyone! The next few weeks will be a lot of fun. πŸ˜€


Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks! Just a short post for a recap of the happenings in my world. Last week was a short one at work, I was suspended for 3 days (maybe I should be on time???). I also started working out again, time to be the stud on the outside that I am on the inside (try not to laugh too much). And tonight I am going on an impromptu cruise with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Should be fun!! Yell at ya later. πŸ™‚

Welcome to Mayhem Fest!

Here in a few hours I will be embarking on a journey I never thought I would make, attending a rock/metal concert. So far I have been here for less than 12 hours. We have wandered around the hotel, ate lots of food, gone swimming, and walked up to the concert venue (which is closed till 1:15 in the afternoon). As all of the “party people” lay sleeping I sit here writing on my blog. It is only 1:40 in the morning, sleep is for children and old people! I am not sure what the day has in store for when I awake. I do know this for sure; pizza and energy drinks will be happening. Unfortunately my pizza challenge will not be happening, I will be at the concert during the time it takes place. So to you Pointersauras, ONE DAY I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!
That is all for this post, I guess I will try to get some sleep. I will try to visit again tomorrow with an update. Till then, you stay classy planet earth! (Thanks anchorman)

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Time to row my own boat!

A friend recently told me that it was time to stop relying on other people for motivation, and to “paddle yuh own canoe”. So I guess I will try to find a way to attach a motor to my boat cause paddling isn’t working fast enough. I feel like I am being left behind, my friends and my family around my age are all starting families. As much as I would like to get married and start a family of my own, I am not sure that I am truly ready for this. I am either going through my teenage years again, or I am having my mid life crisis early.

I find myself wanting to do things that I never wanted to do when I was younger. I would like to purchase a street bike, cause I enjoy going fast. At the same time, I have enough speeding tickets under my belt. So to that end a cruiser style bike would be more suited to what I “need”. Also I find myself actually entertaining the idea of going back to school, I hated school when I was required to go. To that end though a career choice instead of just having a job to show up to would be really nice.

This is a pretty short post tonight, but I would like to thank my buddy Dex for the encouragement. So thanks @bigaone22!

So I find myself staring at a computer screen waiting for inspiration for something to write about. So I guess that is a good starting point; Inspiration is an allusive thing. For some people they have a life filled with isnpiration and a drive to “go” and “do” things. For others like myself it is there, but it is like a painting on a wall. You can see the painting and wish that you were the one that had painted it, but you never can quite seem to pick up the brush. Maybe what I need to do is gather up all of the painting and put them in the middle of the room, light them on fire, and walk away. That may be the only way to truly motivate someone who has been stuck in a rut as long as I have.

A clean slate is something I have often pondered, more so lately than in the past. What would I do? Where would I go? The concept is truly a frightening one if you have no plans. That is another thing I am not too good at, making plans. I understand why people make plans, but why schedule your whole life away. Leave room for something out of the ordinary to happen. Here lately I have been trying to slowly step out of my comfort zone by doing things that I would not normally do. Nothing too crazy at the moment, but I would like to get a motorcycle sometime soon.

There is just something about a motorcycle that has been calling to me. I don’t know if it is the “freedom” that riders talk about. Perhaps the motorcycle represents missed opprotunites. There have been so many things that I have said no to in my short life, most of which I do not regret. Some things on the other hand I wish I had done them without putting so much thought into it. I tend to think my way out of doing things that I know I will enjoy, but for one reason or another I choose to not participate.

Is there something wrong with me? I don’t know, but maybe one day I will figure it out. Until then it is one day at a time.