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Contest Entries

With the One Tiny Paperclip contest drawing to a close. I figured that now would be a good time to put a little post together to let everyone see what has been submitted to this point.

If you haven’t read the contest, go check it out here.

First up comes the drawings of @TDrewK77


Next up is from @Jade1902, she seems to have mistaken a Chinese paperclip for a Mexican paperclip….

This one is the only submission is from @BlkScorp33 ‘s daughter.

Finally we have the first professionaly drawn picture by @wilsonphotog


So as you can see, all pictures are accepted. Professional or amatuer through any medium you choose. Just a couple of days left. Submit yours today!


A little catch up

Well it has been a little bit. I have been a busy guy though. I recently started back at the gym, and that is going really well. I am already noticing the changes in my muscles. Also here in the next couple of weeks if all goes according to plan I will be the proud owner of an 03 Honda Shadow. About time to clock back in a get back to work, hope all is well with everyone! The next few weeks will be a lot of fun. 😀


Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks! Just a short post for a recap of the happenings in my world. Last week was a short one at work, I was suspended for 3 days (maybe I should be on time???). I also started working out again, time to be the stud on the outside that I am on the inside (try not to laugh too much). And tonight I am going on an impromptu cruise with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Should be fun!! Yell at ya later. 🙂

Welcome to Mayhem Fest!

Here in a few hours I will be embarking on a journey I never thought I would make, attending a rock/metal concert. So far I have been here for less than 12 hours. We have wandered around the hotel, ate lots of food, gone swimming, and walked up to the concert venue (which is closed till 1:15 in the afternoon). As all of the “party people” lay sleeping I sit here writing on my blog. It is only 1:40 in the morning, sleep is for children and old people! I am not sure what the day has in store for when I awake. I do know this for sure; pizza and energy drinks will be happening. Unfortunately my pizza challenge will not be happening, I will be at the concert during the time it takes place. So to you Pointersauras, ONE DAY I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!
That is all for this post, I guess I will try to get some sleep. I will try to visit again tomorrow with an update. Till then, you stay classy planet earth! (Thanks anchorman)

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Time to row my own boat!

A friend recently told me that it was time to stop relying on other people for motivation, and to “paddle yuh own canoe”. So I guess I will try to find a way to attach a motor to my boat cause paddling isn’t working fast enough. I feel like I am being left behind, my friends and my family around my age are all starting families. As much as I would like to get married and start a family of my own, I am not sure that I am truly ready for this. I am either going through my teenage years again, or I am having my mid life crisis early.

I find myself wanting to do things that I never wanted to do when I was younger. I would like to purchase a street bike, cause I enjoy going fast. At the same time, I have enough speeding tickets under my belt. So to that end a cruiser style bike would be more suited to what I “need”. Also I find myself actually entertaining the idea of going back to school, I hated school when I was required to go. To that end though a career choice instead of just having a job to show up to would be really nice.

This is a pretty short post tonight, but I would like to thank my buddy Dex for the encouragement. So thanks @bigaone22!

So I find myself staring at a computer screen waiting for inspiration for something to write about. So I guess that is a good starting point; Inspiration is an allusive thing. For some people they have a life filled with isnpiration and a drive to “go” and “do” things. For others like myself it is there, but it is like a painting on a wall. You can see the painting and wish that you were the one that had painted it, but you never can quite seem to pick up the brush. Maybe what I need to do is gather up all of the painting and put them in the middle of the room, light them on fire, and walk away. That may be the only way to truly motivate someone who has been stuck in a rut as long as I have.

A clean slate is something I have often pondered, more so lately than in the past. What would I do? Where would I go? The concept is truly a frightening one if you have no plans. That is another thing I am not too good at, making plans. I understand why people make plans, but why schedule your whole life away. Leave room for something out of the ordinary to happen. Here lately I have been trying to slowly step out of my comfort zone by doing things that I would not normally do. Nothing too crazy at the moment, but I would like to get a motorcycle sometime soon.

There is just something about a motorcycle that has been calling to me. I don’t know if it is the “freedom” that riders talk about. Perhaps the motorcycle represents missed opprotunites. There have been so many things that I have said no to in my short life, most of which I do not regret. Some things on the other hand I wish I had done them without putting so much thought into it. I tend to think my way out of doing things that I know I will enjoy, but for one reason or another I choose to not participate.

Is there something wrong with me? I don’t know, but maybe one day I will figure it out. Until then it is one day at a time.

Life questions.

I started this blog as a way of channeling all of the things going on in my head into a thing I can look at. As I try to type out my thoughts they seem to become more clear and I am slowly having a better outlook on the world around me. Sometimes I really would like to run away from this place and find somewhere new to call home, someplace where nobody knows my name and has no expectations of me. I always tend to take the easy way out, choosing the path of least resistance so I can continue to coast through life. My job is easy, school was easy (even though I hardly tried), and everything else that I am involved in is just because I happened to be there.

Why have  I been so willing to coast through life, knowing that I am wasting my potential to more than I am. I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent guy, with decent people skills. I could be finished with college by now (or almost done) depending on the field I would have chosen. I could be traveling the world trying to sell companies the next “big idea”. Instead I sit here in my room typing away to an empty blog.

If I really think that I am capable of coming up with the next “big idea”, what could it be? To be truly inovative in this day and age, you not only have to go out of the box, you have to design a new shape from an unheard of material. How can this be done? It seems that everything that can be done has been. Yet every once and a while somebody shows up from the most obscure area with a revalation. Some inventions though are not so unexpected. Take the wheel for example, one day a guy who was tired of having to roll logs around so that an object could be move from point A to point B, he may have said to himself “Why are we doing this?” Then he may have said “There has got to be a better way”. The next thing you know wheels are everywhere.

Now back to my question. How can I at 24 years of age, make something of myself? Any ideas? I have none at the moment, maybe it will come to me one  day while typing out my random thought of the day. Maybe it will never happen and I will have to settle for being a regular person with a regular life.  That question “What if?” will always be there, but maybe if I can step out of my comfort zone the what if’s will be more positive. I would look back and realize that for once I had made a decision to go against the grain and will finally be truly happy with where my life is. Until then I will keep pecking away at this keyboard trying to figure it all out. Maybe if I am lucky maybe one of my readers will be the inspiration for a new life. Here’s to dreaming! Thanks for reading, till next time.

Let’s get this thing started.

What’s on your mind? What’s happening? Two questions asked by social sites, but do they really care? If you have to tell people what you are doing through the internet are they really your friends? I mean if they are really your friend then they would be right there with you. Just my thoughts anyway, but what do I know i am just a man with a keyboard like everyone else out there.

So as I type this I am wondering what I should be talking about, so i just type as it comes to mind. Which oddly enough isnt really all that much for a change, my mind is usually going a thousand places at once with no destination in site. Why do we have thoughts? What purpose do they serve? I think so that I may improve myself, improve those around me, or to destroy everything that I know? If nobody knows you better than yourself, why do we second guess ourselves? The limitations of a man (or woman) can never be know until they step out of their comfort zone.

Comfort is such a strange thing. No matter how bad things get, you can always seem to adjust to it so long as it happens at an “acceptable” pace. Take the frog in the pot as an example, if you turn the heat up all the way at the beginning the frog will jump out of the water. Take the same frog and gradually increase the heat so that it can adjust to the increasing temperature, it will stay in the pot till it has been boiled. As for me I have been with my current company for 9 years and still am stuck in the same position. They give me just enough of a raise most every year that I stick around, the job is fairly easy and I really dont have to work too hard. Still after this long one would tend to think that I would have something to show for it.

That is enough negativity for one post. I have many things that keep me comfortable that I wouldn’t change. I have many great friends around me that are more like family than they may realize that they are. I have a great family even though I don’t see them as often as I should, they really are good people (don’t tell them I said that). Through a recent venture into the smartphone realm I have met some very cool people from literally all over the world. Some I talk to more than others, but they are all still people I consider my friends even though I very likely will never meet them.

So I think it is time to close out this post and get back to hanging out with the people I was just talking about. To those of you who made it to the end of my ramblings I would like to thank you for making it this far, and if you have any advice for this blog to make it better, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to make it better!

Check this guy out!

Check out @BTBrepresenta. Dude is my age trying to make it big. Show him some love!

My New Blog!!!

Ever feel like a square peg in a round hole? You are in good company then. This blog is dedicated to the random happenings in my skull. Hope you enjoy my ramblings.