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Time To Start Again.

It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything, either on the blog, or on one of the many stories I have started over the years. I think I need to get back to it. I don’t really know what has kept me from doing so, but I need to get going again.

I’m not entirely sure what I will write about, maybe just ramblings for now until I find my voice again.

In the last months I have gone from being a manager for a local restaurant, to being employed as a machinist. Unfortunately I have been laid off from that job after just over a month Needless to say, I didn’t feel so great about that. But it has given me some insight; Just because I got a job that ticked all of the things I wanted, doesn’t mean that is what I actually need to be doing with my life. I really enjoy the work, but I didn’t feel fulfillment in it anymore as I once had.

So here I am, trying to figure out what I’m to do with my life again. Wish me luck.


Dumbing Down of Society.

Tonight I was sent a link to tattoo fails by my father. It is mostly filled with misspelled tattoos, and a few that are just poorly thought out. After going through all of those, and wanting to give up on people, I stroll over to Facebook to see how things are going. One of the first things I see is an “inspirational” post with the word “wit” used instead of “with”. Not to mention the complete failure to understand how to use capitalization. To top that off, it has filters added to the picture, so you know it’s “legit”.


The general lack of caring is maddening. One would think that this ignorance would be mostly with those that are less educated. Sadly this just is not the case. More and more I see college educated, or those in college, posting nonsense like this. It makes me wonder exactly how much value an employer is getting out of these people. Maybe they need to rethink the requirement for a diploma. Perhaps not everyone that has a degree actually earned it.


Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of things that have managed to really get on my nerves.

Twitter… Oh how I love(d) thee. You were an playground of possibilities. Developers built their own little worlds for little avatars to convey their 140 characters of wisdom upon the masses. But then came the dreaded API 1.1 update. The once wondrous playground, became a dungeon. If you wanted to tweet with any amount of regularity, you now must use the official (read hideous) app for your chosen platform. Furthermore, creativity is squashed by a box of tokens given out by the merciful Twitter overlords. 100k for the new guys, and twice what you have as a more mature (but still evil) app.

This happens over and over again. Something great is going on, it is open and free. Then suddenly, some a-hole isn’t happy with the amount of money they are making. Then everything becomes a mine for your information. Finding new ways to get you to stick around longer. Ways to give them more info about you. Suddenly you are not a user, you are the human battery in the Matrix.

When does this cycle ever end?

With my current issues with Twitter, and recent updates to the G+ app for Android, I have been spending more time there. But I see an incessant need for people to “out stupid” each other.

The use of the provided emotion GIFs is fine and dandy… Except if you are in a beta program. How can you expect the developer to take your criticism seriously, if you cannot make a coherent post? If you think that it helps to show how disappointed you are that something has been broken with the latest update, you are grossly mistaken. It only proves that you are too lazy to actually write out what issues you have experienced, and that you could have better used your time to get the proper logs – you know, the things that help them fix problems.

But by far, the most ignorant thing that I have tripped over lately. The narcissistic need for people to add a signature to the end of their posts. Something like this: “Very nice home screen – Scott”. To what purpose does that serve? Your name is attached to everything that you post on every social media site, you are all morons. Just stop it, seriously. We will all be better off.

Crazy LIttle Monsters.

Suddenly there was a loud crash in the next room. Nayumi had to investigate what caused the noise in the next room.

She had to push the door open a lot harder than she was used to. When the door finally swung open, Nayumi found that the spare bedroom was gone.

Instead what Nayumi found, was what appeared to be an entire race of ravenous monsters the size of a fly. As soon as the creatures saw her, they attacked. Her futile screams could be heard for blocks. This would be the third planet to succumb to the Qwat race.

App World – Under the Microscope. (Editorial by @InLove_BB)

Talking with one of my followers a few days ago about apps, platforms and their respective markets, I decided to read RIM’s BlackBerry App World Vetting Criteria

Well… The rules are simple and clear so, the questions are: Why can’t developers follow them? Who is the responsible for the apps approval? Why don’t they just remove the apps that clearly break the rules?
You don’t have to search BlackBerry App World to find such apps, just get your BlackBerry and you will see that most of you apps (if not all of them) break at least one rule.
That app that every time you launch it or close it shows that annoying pop-up asking you to leave a good review on App World, the ads that cover half of your screen, the pop-up asking you to buy the full version to have full functions or trying to convince you to buy other apps… Guess what? They are breaking the rules!
The next time you browse App World or when you see that pop-up begging for a good review, think twice before downloading the app or keeping it in your device.

“Apps that cost a ridiculously high amount and provide no functionality will be denied”

“You may not collect user information without offering the user an option to provide such details and/or without complete transparency as to what the information will be used for”

“If you collect any personal information on users, ensure you post a URL to your privacy policy during submission” –> Check out Fancy Smiley Pro – Fancy Characters-Fancy Word Maker-Fancy Country Flags-..

Contest: Imagination Wanted!

If you haven’t been paying attention to my twitter account @79stanger (I am judging you right now). I have been posting a lot lately about a story I am writing.

Haven’t read the story? Download Here

This story is about a special little paperclip that wants to capture your heart, and just maybe your imagination while he is at it. In case he hasn’t done that yet. Here is your chance to not only use your imagination, but to become part of the story in a big way.

We are all eager to know what Gilbert and his friends look like. This is where you come in. Send me drawings of how you picture Gilbert in your mind when you read.

1st place: a t-shirt with the winning drawing on it.

2nd place: stickers with the characters on them.

3rd place: a tiny paperclip with a little note to the winner.

Now of course, the first two will have to wait until the winner is chosen.

The contest will run until August 22, and I will take submissions from twitter: @79stanger or @TinyPaperclip.

Drawing, painting, or even digital renderings are all acceptable. So quit reading and get creative already!

Disconnecting in an ever connecting world.

Do you ever find yourself scrambling to get somewhere, or leave whatever you are doing, just so you can plug in your cell phone? I have been in that situation many times, and currently have 3 batteries and a battery charger to prevent it. Do we really need to get that fresh battery, or get to that charger right now?

I find myself asking this question more and more lately. Not because who I am talking to, and the things that I do on the internet, are in some way bad. Yet again though, they really could be. When was the last time I went out with my friends or family and didn’t have my BlackBerry with me? When was the last time I disconnected from the social networks to really get to know who was with me?

Living life ever connected to Wifi, a USB port, or even a pair of headphones has really taken its toll. You hear that phone notify you of an incoming message, social update, or maybe even a phone call. You rush over to it to see if it is that one person that you have been waiting to hear from. Now this person may be a potential client (good) a business partner (also good) or it is someone you are going to meet (best)

I find on that last one it is most difficult for me. When I decide that I am going to keep my phone in my pocket and try to talk, the other person(s) are not willing to do the same. It really does make me miss the days when friends were real and in person. Sadly though, for the most part, it has become a “did you see what was on facebook” society.
Do I plan on disconnecting and getting a dumb phone, no. But I do hope to find a way to get my priorities more in line with how I feel they need to be. There may be a lot of changes in the near future, but then again there may not. Only time will tell.

Doritos Locos Tacos for Canada!

So you are sitting here stateside having just finished your first or my 100th Doritos Taco. Then suddenly it hits you, the people of Canada cannot enjoy this luxury.

Now you are thinking to yourself. “What can I do about this?” Well first of all, you can take to your social media site of choice. Mine of course is twitter. If you go there mention @TacoBell and #DoritosLocosTacos in your posts. Tell them how much Canada needs those delicious tacos!

Is this issue really worth your time if you are already holding a Doritos Taco? Well of course it is. There are rumors that the tacos hold the key to world peace, and that it can only be achieved when the tacos are available to the whole globe. So take a few minutes and share your thoughts with @TacoBell. Canada will thank you, and maybe one day, so will your ancestors.

Out on a limb.

People always say that it is the things you don’t do that you regret the most. Here lately I have been trying to break out of my shell and do things I wouldn’t normally do.

Most recently I asked a girl out that I have been friends with for a little while now. She unfortunately (maybe) turned me down. But rejection in itself is something that I have probably feared more than anything for most of my life. Some have a fear of letting others down. But for me it is the act of trying that is bothersome. Failure is something I have come accustomed to since I was in the 7th grade. I never tried with anything, not because I wasn’t smart enough, fast enough, or strong enough. But I think I have lacked something.

Self confidence is something I have struggled with my entire life. If I am around family or close friends then that is greatly diminished. But left to on my own with no one to push me, I have always taken the path of least resistance. School I just barely skated by, work is so easy that I have for the most part mastered the skills required for it. But for one moment, if even if ever so brief, I have stepped out onto the banks to dry myself off and did something difficult.

Now with that done, do I continue to stay out of the water, or shall I get back in and continue following the easy river? Not really sure what is in store for me in the near future, but whatever it holds I think I am just a little bit more prepared for it now. 🙂

My future with BlackBerry

Many times I have questioned whether my choice to go with a BlackBerry product was a good one or not. Every time though I always come back with a resounding YES! Why am I so in love with a seemingly inferiror product (when compared with competitors). Why would I choose to support a company who doesn’t seem to “get” the consumer market?

Well to be honest, at first the love affair was started because I wanted a smartphone wiht a portrait keyboard. Sure there were others out at the time such as the Droid Pro from VZW. That phone even had the then new Google operating system android. Something just didn’t “feel” right about android at the time, so i waited. Then one day I was over at a friend’s place, her brother had just purchased the Bold 9700. I asked if i could check it out since I was already in the market. I don’t know what it was, but as soon as I held that phone I was in love. I HAD to have one! It had everything I wanted. good looks, a portait keyboard, and a place to download apps from.

Now fast forward a year and a half later. I am now on my second BlackBerry. This 9900 blows everything the 9700 did out of the water! Everything from the FANTASTIC keyboard to the new touchscreen. At the time of this writing though, the creator of my beloved phone is in a lot of hot water with the press and the consumer market.

With so much facing them RIM has finally decided to take a leap into the future with their QNX platform BB 10. After my little side ventures with iPhone and android. RIM needs to work on qutie a few things to make the new devices relevant to the average customer. First performance is key, the average customer does not care about security (until after something everything NOW! BB 10 also need the big name apps, not talking games here. Things like netflix will definitely bring in the customers.

Attention to detail is something I feel has been lacking until recently. Anodroid still struggles with this as there are so many manufacturers, and little to no guidelines as to what can and cannot be done with the software. Apple and RIM both control software and hardware development. So quality is much better across the board.

The biggest thing I want to see from RIM with the BB 10 launch is for them to believe in what they are selling. They do have great products, but lack the marketing to make everyone want them. When I watch an iPhone it shows that they believe that their product is better than everything else out there. After watching a commercial from Verizon Wireless I really have the urge to rush out and grab whatever Droid they are showing off. When I watch the newest commercials for the latest OS 7 devices I think “wow, this one part of the commercial is really cool”.

I understand times are hard, and the market is competitive. But come on, a company who started the smartphone craze should damn well know what their customers are looking for in a phone by now. Quit promising and not deliver! Deliver without promising. Show up to the party with a Ferrari instead of saying you have a Ferrari and show up in a Fiesta. Do what you love RIM as your motto suggests. let your emploees branch out and explore those weird corners of their minds. Great things can happens with a little freedom.

So for now my future with BlackBerry is resound. I have tried them all, and nothing else speaks to me. If this next phone launch doesn’t go well then the BlackBerry market will probably disappear from the U.S. completely. Fingers crossed, here is to 2012 being the best year ever!