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A letter to my friend’s unborn spawn

This is a letter written by a good friend of mine. He is a soon to be father, and this is what he wants to say to the child at some point in the future. Made me laugh so I have to share with the world 😀

By crowingcobra
My wife asked me to write a letter to our yet t be born little girl, so here goes:
Dearest little M,
I borrowed Santa’s X-ray goggles (yes, he’s real!) the other day to try to get a look at you. All the ladies at the doctor’s office have been saying how unbearably cute you are.
I was shocked to find that you are not a human child at all but some sort of pink, hairless, alien-ferret hybrid! As a result, I believe a talk with your mommy is in order. No worries though, You are kinda cute and daddy still loves you.
So no matter what insanely-powerful mutant form you take on, always remember that daddy will protect you from the angry mobs(as if you’ll need me to), and that he loves you very much.
Your Dad
P.S. I don’t know exactly how to send this to you, so I’ll just hold on to it for you, ok?