Dumbing Down of Society.

Tonight I was sent a link to tattoo fails by my father. It is mostly filled with misspelled tattoos, and a few that are just poorly thought out. After going through all of those, and wanting to give up on people, I stroll over to Facebook to see how things are going. One of the first things I see is an “inspirational” post with the word “wit” used instead of “with”. Not to mention the complete failure to understand how to use capitalization. To top that off, it has filters added to the picture, so you know it’s “legit”.


The general lack of caring is maddening. One would think that this ignorance would be mostly with those that are less educated. Sadly this just is not the case. More and more I see college educated, or those in college, posting nonsense like this. It makes me wonder exactly how much value an employer is getting out of these people. Maybe they need to rethink the requirement for a diploma. Perhaps not everyone that has a degree actually earned it.


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