Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of things that have managed to really get on my nerves.

Twitter… Oh how I love(d) thee. You were an playground of possibilities. Developers built their own little worlds for little avatars to convey their 140 characters of wisdom upon the masses. But then came the dreaded API 1.1 update. The once wondrous playground, became a dungeon. If you wanted to tweet with any amount of regularity, you now must use the official (read hideous) app for your chosen platform. Furthermore, creativity is squashed by a box of tokens given out by the merciful Twitter overlords. 100k for the new guys, and twice what you have as a more mature (but still evil) app.

This happens over and over again. Something great is going on, it is open and free. Then suddenly, some a-hole isn’t happy with the amount of money they are making. Then everything becomes a mine for your information. Finding new ways to get you to stick around longer. Ways to give them more info about you. Suddenly you are not a user, you are the human battery in the Matrix.

When does this cycle ever end?

With my current issues with Twitter, and recent updates to the G+ app for Android, I have been spending more time there. But I see an incessant need for people to “out stupid” each other.

The use of the provided emotion GIFs is fine and dandy… Except if you are in a beta program. How can you expect the developer to take your criticism seriously, if you cannot make a coherent post? If you think that it helps to show how disappointed you are that something has been broken with the latest update, you are grossly mistaken. It only proves that you are too lazy to actually write out what issues you have experienced, and that you could have better used your time to get the proper logs – you know, the things that help them fix problems.

But by far, the most ignorant thing that I have tripped over lately. The narcissistic need for people to add a signature to the end of their posts. Something like this: “Very nice home screen – Scott”. To what purpose does that serve? Your name is attached to everything that you post on every social media site, you are all morons. Just stop it, seriously. We will all be better off.


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