App World – Under the Microscope. (Editorial by @InLove_BB)

Talking with one of my followers a few days ago about apps, platforms and their respective markets, I decided to read RIM’s BlackBerry App World Vetting Criteria

Well… The rules are simple and clear so, the questions are: Why can’t developers follow them? Who is the responsible for the apps approval? Why don’t they just remove the apps that clearly break the rules?
You don’t have to search BlackBerry App World to find such apps, just get your BlackBerry and you will see that most of you apps (if not all of them) break at least one rule.
That app that every time you launch it or close it shows that annoying pop-up asking you to leave a good review on App World, the ads that cover half of your screen, the pop-up asking you to buy the full version to have full functions or trying to convince you to buy other apps… Guess what? They are breaking the rules!
The next time you browse App World or when you see that pop-up begging for a good review, think twice before downloading the app or keeping it in your device.

“Apps that cost a ridiculously high amount and provide no functionality will be denied”

“You may not collect user information without offering the user an option to provide such details and/or without complete transparency as to what the information will be used for”

“If you collect any personal information on users, ensure you post a URL to your privacy policy during submission” –> Check out Fancy Smiley Pro – Fancy Characters-Fancy Word Maker-Fancy Country Flags-..


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