Doritos Locos Tacos for Canada!

So you are sitting here stateside having just finished your first or my 100th Doritos Taco. Then suddenly it hits you, the people of Canada cannot enjoy this luxury.

Now you are thinking to yourself. “What can I do about this?” Well first of all, you can take to your social media site of choice. Mine of course is twitter. If you go there mention @TacoBell and #DoritosLocosTacos in your posts. Tell them how much Canada needs those delicious tacos!

Is this issue really worth your time if you are already holding a Doritos Taco? Well of course it is. There are rumors that the tacos hold the key to world peace, and that it can only be achieved when the tacos are available to the whole globe. So take a few minutes and share your thoughts with @TacoBell. Canada will thank you, and maybe one day, so will your ancestors.


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