Initial impression: Motorola S10 HD bluetooth headphones

I just purchased the Motorola S10 HD headphones. This honestly was a first for me, not the buying of new electronics, but that I actually waited to get home to open my latest toy. The norm for me is to buy the said item, walk out to the car and immeadiately open the package. This time around I bought the headphones and calmly walked to the car and drove (for the most part) the suggested speed limit.

So anyway back to the reason we are hear; these headphones! I got home and opened the package which has the charger, the instruction booklet, three different sizes for the ear buds, and of course the headphones. I put the headphones for a few minutes to get a little bit of a charge in it before I played.

First thing I did was after connecting to my phone was test the range. I must say I am very impressed with how far away you can get away from your connected device before cutting out, 40-50 feet easy. The sound quality is quite good, so far there has only been a few glitches, but I attest that to the bluetooth connection. Also this particular unit allows you to recieve calls. The call quality isn’t the best that I have heard, but they are headphones not a dedicated headset for calling. My Dad (who I used to test this with) was very surprised that I was using a bluetooth device to talk with. He said that I was very clear on his end, and that is with poor signal (edge network where I live).

The controls are very cleverly placed, almost undetectable if you didn’t know they were there. The fit on my head is nice, if not just a little too snug. I haven’t had a chance to try any of the other size ear buds as of yet. Overall these are very well made and well designed (my blog, my opinion). So if you are in the market for a nice bluetooth headphone, then I highly reccomend these.


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