Welcome to Mayhem Fest!

Here in a few hours I will be embarking on a journey I never thought I would make, attending a rock/metal concert. So far I have been here for less than 12 hours. We have wandered around the hotel, ate lots of food, gone swimming, and walked up to the concert venue (which is closed till 1:15 in the afternoon). As all of the “party people” lay sleeping I sit here writing on my blog. It is only 1:40 in the morning, sleep is for children and old people! I am not sure what the day has in store for when I awake. I do know this for sure; pizza and energy drinks will be happening. Unfortunately my pizza challenge will not be happening, I will be at the concert during the time it takes place. So to you Pointersauras, ONE DAY I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!
That is all for this post, I guess I will try to get some sleep. I will try to visit again tomorrow with an update. Till then, you stay classy planet earth! (Thanks anchorman)

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  1. Glad you’re havingg fun out there, nice post looking forward to the updates, I’ve never been to a rock concert but I know it will be fun sorry about the pizza throw down when I visit i’ll challenge you!

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