So I find myself staring at a computer screen waiting for inspiration for something to write about. So I guess that is a good starting point; Inspiration is an allusive thing. For some people they have a life filled with isnpiration and a drive to “go” and “do” things. For others like myself it is there, but it is like a painting on a wall. You can see the painting and wish that you were the one that had painted it, but you never can quite seem to pick up the brush. Maybe what I need to do is gather up all of the painting and put them in the middle of the room, light them on fire, and walk away. That may be the only way to truly motivate someone who has been stuck in a rut as long as I have.

A clean slate is something I have often pondered, more so lately than in the past. What would I do? Where would I go? The concept is truly a frightening one if you have no plans. That is another thing I am not too good at, making plans. I understand why people make plans, but why schedule your whole life away. Leave room for something out of the ordinary to happen. Here lately I have been trying to slowly step out of my comfort zone by doing things that I would not normally do. Nothing too crazy at the moment, but I would like to get a motorcycle sometime soon.

There is just something about a motorcycle that has been calling to me. I don’t know if it is the “freedom” that riders talk about. Perhaps the motorcycle represents missed opprotunites. There have been so many things that I have said no to in my short life, most of which I do not regret. Some things on the other hand I wish I had done them without putting so much thought into it. I tend to think my way out of doing things that I know I will enjoy, but for one reason or another I choose to not participate.

Is there something wrong with me? I don’t know, but maybe one day I will figure it out. Until then it is one day at a time.


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  1. Don’t you worry you’re gonna find the answer to all those questions and when you do you’d never believe it was so simple.

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