Life questions.

I started this blog as a way of channeling all of the things going on in my head into a thing I can look at. As I try to type out my thoughts they seem to become more clear and I am slowly having a better outlook on the world around me. Sometimes I really would like to run away from this place and find somewhere new to call home, someplace where nobody knows my name and has no expectations of me. I always tend to take the easy way out, choosing the path of least resistance so I can continue to coast through life. My job is easy, school was easy (even though I hardly tried), and everything else that I am involved in is just because I happened to be there.

Why have  I been so willing to coast through life, knowing that I am wasting my potential to more than I am. I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent guy, with decent people skills. I could be finished with college by now (or almost done) depending on the field I would have chosen. I could be traveling the world trying to sell companies the next “big idea”. Instead I sit here in my room typing away to an empty blog.

If I really think that I am capable of coming up with the next “big idea”, what could it be? To be truly inovative in this day and age, you not only have to go out of the box, you have to design a new shape from an unheard of material. How can this be done? It seems that everything that can be done has been. Yet every once and a while somebody shows up from the most obscure area with a revalation. Some inventions though are not so unexpected. Take the wheel for example, one day a guy who was tired of having to roll logs around so that an object could be move from point A to point B, he may have said to himself “Why are we doing this?” Then he may have said “There has got to be a better way”. The next thing you know wheels are everywhere.

Now back to my question. How can I at 24 years of age, make something of myself? Any ideas? I have none at the moment, maybe it will come to me one  day while typing out my random thought of the day. Maybe it will never happen and I will have to settle for being a regular person with a regular life.  That question “What if?” will always be there, but maybe if I can step out of my comfort zone the what if’s will be more positive. I would look back and realize that for once I had made a decision to go against the grain and will finally be truly happy with where my life is. Until then I will keep pecking away at this keyboard trying to figure it all out. Maybe if I am lucky maybe one of my readers will be the inspiration for a new life. Here’s to dreaming! Thanks for reading, till next time.


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